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Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced the planned arrival of a further 3.4 million Pfizer vaccines this month. In a statement issued on Friday afternoon, the PSOE leader said that the latest batch of vaccines would mean Spain would hit it’s planned target of 70% of the population being vaccinated against the coronavirus by the […]

Spain has picked up it’s first gold medal in Tokyo. Fatima Galvez and Alberto Fenandez won the final of the Trap Mixed Team shooting event, beating San Marino by one point. ¡España tiene ya su primer oro🥇 en #Tokyo2020!@AlbertoFdezTiro y @tiraora son campeones olímpicos de tiro mixto tras una final de alto voltaje. Sois ejemplo […]

Policia Nacional in Elche have arrested 11 people in connection with a botched kidnapping between two drugs gangs . Officers were alerted to the situation of a woman being held hostage in a property. However upon securing the release of the woman, it was discovered that the victim had been held hostage following a bungled […]

A 56-year-old man was rescued at the weekend by emergency services after suffering a fall on Tenerife’s Montaña Roja, in El Médano. Rescue teams were alerted to the incident at around noon yesterday, with reports of the man suffering a leg injury and being unable to walk. Firefighters and mountain rescue specialists were scrambled to […]

Guardia Civil on the Campo de Gibraltar and Seville have arrested five people in connection with a money laundering ring that is suspected of laundering millions of euros. Raids were carried out on a number of properties after investigators identified a person who was believed to launder money gained from the sale of drugs. The […]

Spain’s football team has reached the quarter finals at the Tokyo games, after drawing with Argentina. They will now face the Ivory Coast as the team play to win a place on the podium. The football team is one of the favourites to win a medal in the games. Currently Spain holds one Bronze medal […]

Travellers from Spain who have been fully vaccinated here in Spain will be able to return to England, Scotland and Wales without having to quarantine it was confirmed yesterday. UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said the change regarding US and EU arrivals will come into force from 4am on 2 August. We're helping reunite people […]

The International Monetary Fund has revised it’s economic forecast for Spain, slightly reducing economic growth this year, but increasing it next year. In their latest update, the IMF said it expects GDP to grow by 6.2% this year and 5.8% next year. Whilst showing a slight dip in growth this year, it does however highlight […]

Authorities in the United States have issued a warning against travel to Spain from the US, over concerns about coronavirus infections rates. In their latest update, Spain was included on the “Level 4: Very High” risk chart, advising all but essential travel from across the Atlantic. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – […]

The Cabildo de Lanzarote has approved a €350,000 grant to provide shelter and shade on playgrounds across Arrecife. In a meeting held by the regional authority yesterday, they approved the funding to create areas of shade in children’s play areas where there currently is none. Thirty children’s playgrounds will benefit from the funding, providing children’s […]