Power ON FM – Live from Exodus 2019

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Catch Danny Looker and guests live from Exodus 2019

Catch Danny Looker and guests live from Exodus 2019

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Danny hails from Essex, long before white teeth and fake tans were the in thing in fact long before the phrase 'No Carbs before Marbs' was coined his family had emigrated to the Canaries. Danny wakes up the Canaries every weekday morning from 8 with a Mix of Hits Too Good To Turn down, some light hearted banter, giveaways and the morning news you need!

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The Ultimate Summer Party of the Year……taking place at Sala Ocean on Saturday 6th July 2019! At The Lanzarote Event Group, we want to bring that summer Ibiza/Marbella vibe to Lanzarote, offering an unforgettable daytime event filled with glitz and glam with the very best music from local top DJ’s and unbeatable performances… Imagine looking […]

During your visit to the island, as well as exploring volcanic landscapes, taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, enjoying local art, gastronomy and wine… and before returning home, it may well be that you feel like doing a bit of shopping. That’s great, because here we present shopping options that are perfect for every […]

When travellers ask about what they will find in Lanzarote, we tell them that here they will enjoy otherworldly beauty. Lanzarote’s landscapes are as imposing as they are unique. Part of this charm is due to the Parque Nacional de Timanfaya, which is the only national park in the Spanish network that is of an […]

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