Amber weather alert issued for the Canaries

Written by on February 4, 2020

Meteorological agency Aemet has issued an Amber and Yellow weather warning for the western Canary Islands for strong winds and rough seas.

Gusts of over 90km/h are forecast, bringing with it rough seas including the risk of high waves and localised flooding.


Alerts in place:

Amber Alert:

  • North Tenerife: Storm force Winds and Rough Seas.
  • La Gomera: Storm force Winds and Rough Seas.
  • El Hierro: Storm force Winds.


Yellow Alert:

  • South and East Tenerife: Strong winds.
  • South Gran Canaria: Strong Winds.
  • La Palma: Strong Winds.

People are being advised to avoid coastal areas, not to bathe in the sea and to remain cautious on exposed and coastal areas.

The Canarian Government has provided the following advice:

  • Protect your home against the possible intrusion of sea water.
  • Do not stand at the end of piers or jetties; do not risk taking photos near where there are breaking waves.
  • Avoid fishing in risk areas.
  • Do not drive near the beach front.
  • Never swim alone or on remote beaches or anywhere you are uncertain of the water currents.
  • Avoid bathing on beaches with a red flag or in areas where there are strong waves and surf or lack of surveillance and rescue services.
  • Avoid water sports when an alert for coastal phenomena has been issued.
  • If you notice some larger than normal waves, do not stay near the shore.
  • If you have a boat, try to berth it in a sheltered place.
  • If you see other people in dangerous areas, warn them of the danger.
  • If you fall into water, stay away from where the waves break, shout for help and wait to be rescued.
  • If you see that someone has fallen into water and is in trouble, throw a rope, or something buoyant that can be clung to. Notify immediately 1-1-2.
  • For any request for information, call 012.

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