Scotland had the highest drug-related death rate in the European Union in 2018, with the likes of heroin, methadone and cocaine killing at almost three times the rate of the United Kingdom as a whole..

Two-year-old twins joined at the head have undergone successful surgery at a British hospital to separate their skulls, brains and blood vessels, doctors said on Tuesday..

Guiness World Records has named a meandering street in northwest Wales the steepest in the world, knocking a road in New Zealand off the top spot..

Six climate activists were arrested on Tuesday after the Extinction Rebellion group disrupted London Concrete, the British capitals biggest supplier of ready-mixed concrete which supplies a major road tunnel project under the River Thames..

Players currently must be 16 or over.

Londons mayor has blocked plans to build a glass viewing platform 1,000 feet (300 m) above Britains capital on a slender tower shaped like a tulip, saying it would be of limited public benefit and damage the skyline..

Boris Johnson has said the leader of the main opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, was guilty of anti-Semitism..

Donald Trump doubled down on his attacks against four minority U.S. congresswomen and dismissed concerns that his comments were racist..

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen said on Monday she would support giving Britain more time to negotiate its exit from the European Union .

Mathematician Alan Turing, who helped Britain win World War Two with his code-cracking will appear on the Bank of England’s next 50-pound banknote.

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