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Seismic activity on the Canary Island of La Palma is understood to have decreased over the last day, as the number of quakes on this island passed 4500. Deformation of the land at the centre of the quake cluster has also risen slightly, now up to 10cm from 6cm on Wednesday. Data from satellites and […]

Guardia Civil in La Rioja have dismantled a criminal gang who are beleived to have swindled €1.7 million from over 500 elderly people across the country. Officers in the region detained 21 people aged between 23 to 49 years of age in connection to the scam, which saw people be coerced into siging up to […]

Online retail giant Amazon has said it will more than double the number of people working for them here in Spain over the next 3 years. Vice President for Spain and Italy operations Mariangela Marseglia said in a statement issued this week that the number of those on the companys payroll is expected to reach […]

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Catalan regional president Pere Aragonès have held face to face talks, in an effort to find a solution to the ongoing regions political crisis. The pair met for two hours in Barcelona to restart negotiations over the political situation in the region following on from the failed independence referendum and […]

The IGN has said seismic activity on the Canary Island of La Palma has continued for another day, with 20 shallow earthquakes recorded and the epicentre of activity moving slowly northwest. The strongest shallow depth tremor detected yesterday measured 2.9, with the land deformation now being detected at 6cm. The strongest tremor yesterday was a […]

Efforts to extinguish the forest fire in Sierra Bermeja could take weeks, according to local emergency services, following on from confirmation that the blaze was now under control. In their latest briefing, firefighters said they were now concentrating on tackling current hot spots before finally extinguising the last patches of fires. Nearly 10,000 hectares of […]

The Governemnt has outlined proposals to cut the cost of energy bills, as prices for electricity continue to rise to record levels. In a statement issued by the Government yesterday, plans to channel €2.6bn in energy company profits to consumers in the form of tax cuts were outlined. Last week prime minister Pedro Sanchez said […]

The National Geographical Institute – the IGN – has increased surveillance on the island of La Palma, following on from an increase in seismic activity on the island. Yesterday the Canarian Government issued a yellow volcanic alert – the lowest level of alert after 2935 tremors – some strong enough to be felt by people […]

Catalan Sepratist party Junts per Catalunya have said they will not take part in planned negotiations between the national government and the regional generalitat. In a press conference yesterday, general secretary of the coalition partners in the regional parliament – Jordi Sànchez – said the party would not take part in discussions with the Madrid […]

A report by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography has said that agricultural nutrients being discharged into the Mar Menor was the main cause of the widespread death of sea life in 2020. The report confirms earlier reports that increases in fertilisers and chemicals in the lagoon caused an increase in algae and phytoplankton, causing the […]