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Every weekday afternoon at 5, Spencer has 5 songs from a chosen year! Using your musical knowledge and with some helpful hints from the big man himself, can you work out the year before the fifth song is up! It’s a different year every day! Only on PowerON FM.

Danny is joined by a pair of Lanzarote Legends Steve & Chris chatting about their new podcast, cat sounds and how Chris has not aged in 20 years. Watch the full interview here…… AND……. Stay on ’til the end for the ‘Bits that didn’t make the Radio – The Outakes’!

The Spanish economy has contracted by 5.2% in the first quarter of the year, according to preliminary data released by the national statistics office – the INE. It is the largest contraction since the Spanish civil war in 1936. In comparison the economic collapse of the credit crunch was 2.6%. The data only covers the […]

The daily death toll for the coronavirus has dropped to 268 yesterday, the lowest figure since March 20. 24,543 are now confirmed to have died from the virus. Yesterday was the first day where three regions reported no deaths. Galicia, Cantabria and Murcia all reported that there were no covid-19 related deaths. In Depth: Coronavirus […]

Spanish health authorities on Thursday announced new rules for outdoor activity for long-confined citizens, and the time slots when each of these outings will be allowed. Health Minister Salvador Illa said that starting on Saturday, adults may go out for individual exercise once a day, without making contact with third parties, and within their own […]

The Prosecutor’s Office has said it is currently investigating over 100 cases relating to deaths in care homes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Data released yesterday by the State Attorney General’s Office suggests that the number of investigations are to continue to rise over the deaths of elderly people who contracted the coronavirus. The criminal […]

The Ministry of Finance has said that Spain has accumulated a €5.5 billion deficit in the first quarter of the year. Figures released show only the first fortnight of the lockdown, and show a decrease of 13.9% compared to the same time last year according to the initial data. The full impact on the country’s […]

Policia Nacional have arrested 28 people, and seized over four tonnes of cocaine during a raid carried out in Galicia. In a joint operation with the UK’s National Crime Agency, the US DEA and the Columbian Police, one of the most high profile trafficking gangs has been dismantled, after officers intercepted a boat due for […]

The Government has outlined its plans to bring the lockdown to an end. Plans were announced yesterday after a meeting with prime minister Pedro Sanchez and the coalition cabinet yesterday. The aim is that each province will move through four phases of the lifting on restrictions depending on the health system, infection rates, protection measures […]

Schools are also expected to remain closed until September, but some may partially open before then. Children who are due to take exams for university placement, or whose parents work in essential services may return to class in the not too distant future. In Depth: Coronavirus outbreak in Spain [catlist tags=”covid-19″] Each region will be […]