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Airsleigh40 for 2019 is coming to Power ON FM, and we want to know what your favourite Christmas songs of all time are. To tell us, select your choice of songs below! Don’t forget to share your vote too! Join us for the countdown to see where your song has ended up. You can choose […]

More of the leadership of Ciudadanos have announced their intention to stand down once a new leader is appointed, after the party’s disastrous general election. Secretary General, José Manuel Villegas, and the Secretary of Communication, Fernando de Páramo have both said they intend to stand down once a new executive is formed, and will not […]

The Spanish economy will grow this year at a rate of 2%, four tenths less than in 2018, and will slow down to 1.6% in 2020 and 2021, according to the OECD. In the latest forecasts, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has lowered its expectations for the Spanish economy due to ongoing political […]

Support for a referendum on Catalan independence seems to have fallen, according to the latest data from the Catalan Statistics Agency the CEO. 36.2% in the region now say they would back a plebiscite on independence, whilst 51.8% would not – the lowest level of support in over two years. The survey was taken before […]

Catalan independence party ERC is to ask its members if it will support the proposed coalition agreement between PSOE and Unidos Podemos. ERC Spokesperson, Gabriel Rufián, said that the party executive is to contact its members to ask if they should vote in favour of the investiture of acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, vote against, […]

A court in Madrid has said that Irish budget airline Ryanair’s policy of charging a fee for hand baggage was abusive, and could no longer be imposed in Spain. In a ruling made yesterday, the judge said that the airline’s policy curtailed the rights of Spanish passengers. The case was brought after a passenger complained […]

Millions of mobile phone users in Spain are being tracked as part of a national census by the National Statistics Agency – the INE. The agency said that the eight-day project is anonymous and aimed at getting a better idea of where Spaniards go during the day and night. The three biggest mobile companies – […]

The average waiting time for patients to undergo surgery across the Valencian Community has risen by a month, according to data released by the Department of Health. Waiting times between July and September rose by 30 days, according to official statistics. The average delay rose from 103 days in June, to 133 days in September. […]

Nineteen of twenty-one former senior officials of the Junta de Andalucia have been found guilty in a court in Seville for their involvement in a major corruption and embezzlement trial. Two former regional PSOE premiers are included in the “ERE case”, involving a decade of irregularities in the use of a €680-million government fund meant […]

An inflatable boat with 57 illegal immigrants has been intercepted in Fuerteventura by Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil. Seven women and three children were among those on board the boat, which was spotted shortly before 7.15 yesterday evening. The boat made land in Gran Tarajal, with those on board being treated by red cross medical […]

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